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Holistic Healing Therapy specializes in transformative bodywork which has the capacity to set the perception mode of the brain back to how it was initially organized, setting the body back to self regulation. Our clients tend to see quicker and better results than what they experienced using most traditional therapies.   


How We Can Help You

Freedom from stress, pain, weight, fitness concerns, and limited beliefs are just one click or phone call away.   We are a 100% focused on your overall wellness and want you to join our ever growing family of clients that have made the impossible possible.   We are geared at helping you feel your best at any age.


The Feeling Every Body Wants

 Improved: Cognition, Mobility, Posture, Breathing, Weight-Loss, Blood Pressure, Immune System, Circulation, Sleep, Allergy Symptoms, Athletic Performance, and MANY MORE.

Our Services

Transformative Bodywork

Transformative Bodywork

A hands on, non-invasive protocol based in chiropractic, applied kinesiology, acupuncture, stretch therapy, and massage.  It connects faults in the body which cause disorganization within the nervous system.   Precise pressure and location reconnect the circuits and can help eliminate the cause of the health condition. 


Stretch Therapy

Stretch Massage

We are trained to give the ultimate stretching experience without any stress to the body.  Experience the perfect workout as you relax and let your therapist do all the work for you.

Focused on helping individuals reach their optimal wellness goals through different modalities.


Geared towards helping clients outline their goals and reaching their optimal wellness. 


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Holistic Healing Therapy

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